SHORT TAKES : Belushi Widow Promotes Book

From Times Wire Services

Judith Jacklin Belushi will be hitting the promotional trail soon with the release of her book, "Samurai Widow," the story of how she got over the death of her husband, John Belushi.

The book opens on March 5, 1982, with Jacklin receiving the phone call from Dan Aykroyd telling her that Belushi was dead and much of it is taken directly from her dairies and letters.

"I began this process because I felt it would be helpful to me and I hoped that, ultimately, it would be helpful to others," Jacklin says in the book's introduction. "The result is a memoir of my journey through a troubled time . . . It was a journey I didn't want to take, down a road I didn't want to travel, with a destination I could not have imagined."

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