ORANGE : Three Arrested in Pizza-Eating Holdup

Three people were arrested after a delivery man said he was robbed of $11 and three pizzas, authorities said Monday.

"The money was recovered, but they ate the pizzas," Police Detective David Hill said. The robbery occurred about 8 p.m. on East Adams Avenue on Sunday when two people confronted Brijesh Patel, 18, a delivery man from the Two for One Pizza Co., Hill said. The robbers used a gun to take the money and pizzas, he added.

A short while later, an officer, using Patel's description of his attackers, spotted two suspects in a car.

Arrested were Anthony Caraway, 21, of Santa Ana; Gerald Walker, 18, and Tina Kierzek, 18, both of Orange. Kierzek allegedly placed an order for the pizzas, Hill said.

It was Patel's second encounter with robbers since he started the job about 18 months ago. A manager at the restaurant said Patel was once chased by would-be robbers but escaped.

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