SHORT TAKES : Amy Grant Sues Over Comic

From Times Wire Services

Gospel-pop singer Amy Grant is suing Marvel Comics to stop the use of what she says is her likeness on a comic book that features “occult subject matter.”

She charges that a photograph from her 1986 album, “Amy Grant--the Collection,” was copied for the cover of the March 15 issue of “Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme.” She filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court here.

“You’ll see it’s the spitting image,” said her attorney, Mark Patterson.

Patterson said he’ll ask for an injunction to stop distribution of that issue and will probably seek monetary damages.


The lawsuit charges that “Dr. Strange” features characters, story lines and artwork related to witchcraft, sorcery, science fiction and other fantasy, horror and occult subject matter.

“Many fans of Christian music consider interest in witchcraft and the occult to be antithetical to their Christian beliefs and to the message of Christian music in general,” the lawsuit said.