TRW to Shut Down Test Systems Center

TRW Inc. has announced that it is shutting down its Electronic Test Systems Skills Center in Redondo Beach, a 160-person unit involved in testing spacecraft instruments.

The company said 30 to 60 employees would be transferred to San Diego County as part of an adjustment to “this era of defense spending restraints.”

“TRW will make every effort to place the remaining employees in other jobs in TRW operations in Redondo Beach or elsewhere,” said spokeswoman Montye Male. “We expect that other assignments will absorb a significant portion of them. It is unnecessary for us to move all the people down there, because we have people” in San Diego.

Male said the operations of the Redondo Beach unit will be merged with TRW’s Military Electronics and Avionics Division, which employs 800 people in Rancho Carmel in San Diego County.


Both units are part of TRW’s Space and Defense Sector, which has 18,000 employees in the South Bay.

The consolidation of similar units will save TRW money because the company expects that “concentrations of skills in one area will decrease our costs,” Male said.