City Council Will Vote on Funds for Foot Patrols

Heeding warnings that Police Chief Daryl F. Gates would end a popular foot patrol program in some areas of Los Angeles unless he received additional city funds, two council members Tuesday introduced a motion to provide the $407,000 Gates says he needs.

The additional money, to be provided from the city’s nearly depleted reserve fund, would enable the Police Department to continue to deploy 60 officers on overtime at 13 crime hot spots in selected areas of the city through the end of June.

Other foot patrols in such areas as downtown, Venice and Westwood, which are not part of the Secured Area Footbeat Program, are funded by the department’s regular budget and are not in danger of being phased out.

The motion, made by Councilman Nate Holden and seconded by Joan Milke Flores, is expected to be considered by the council next Tuesday.


“The program has proven to be effective and the City Council has the money. Let’s spend it on a good cause,” Holden said.