Flames Name Risebrough as Coach : Hockey: Former Calgary player replaces Terry Crisp, who was fired last month.

From Associated Press

Doug Risebrough, a hard-nosed, no-nonsense player for 14 NHL seasons, was named coach of the Calgary Flames today.

Risebrough, Calgary’s Assistant General Manager, replaced Terry Crisp, who was fired last month--a year after he coached the team to the Stanley Cup championship.

“It’s an important day for me,” Risebrough said. “I look on it as an important decision and as a sound move for the organization.”

Risebrough, 36, was a team leader in his nine seasons with the Montreal Canadiens, and they won four consecutive Stanley Cups when he played for them.


He was an assistant coach with the Flames when they won the 1989 NHL championship.

Risebrough, the Canadiens’ seventh pick in the 1974 draft, was traded to Calgary, in Alberta, just before the 1982 season.

As a Flame player, Risebrough especially enjoyed the team’s bitter rivalry with the Edmonton Oilers.

In a 1987 game against the Oilers, Risebrough and Marty McSorley fought and McSorley’s jersey ended up on the ice.

Risebrough managed to get the jersey into the penalty box, where he used his skates to carve it up.

Plagued by groin, back and shoulder injuries in the final years of his career, Risebrough retired in 1987 and was named an assistant coach under Crisp.