ABC’s ‘Home’: New Woman in Five PartsYou’ve...


ABC’s ‘Home’: New Woman in Five Parts

You’ve heard promises of the ultimate makeover before, but this time ABC’s “Home” show delivers. Los Angeles resident Eileen Lizer has a whole new look from inside out. Plastic surgeon Dr. Harry Glassman (Mr. Victoria Principal) saw Lizer through a nose job and eye-area surgery back in January. Then, Lizer received a facial, had her hair cut, permed and colored and Los Angeles designer Carol Anderson provided a whole new wardrobe. The entire ordeal, including the reconstructive surgery, will be shown in five parts beginning Monday. Lizer, who will only admit to being thirtysomething, has wanted to revamp her look for years. Though, she says, others have always complimented her on her appearance, “I am absolutely thrilled with all of it. It was like the Wizard of Oz giving me a heart.”

CAL COMES TO SO. CAL: Calvin Klein is moving in next door to Anne Taylor on the second level of South Coast Plaza. The 4,500-square-foot shop, scheduled to open in October, will give South Coast Plaza another big name to add to it’s growing list of designer stores. Later this summer Liz Claiborne and Chanel are moving in.

TROUSSEAU TO GO: When Ford Motor Co. spokeswoman Lindsay Wagner saw the clothes that stylist Gale Evans brought to a recent commercial shoot, she just had to have four of the outfits. All were by Los Angeles designer Julia Gerard. A few days later Wagner stopped by Gerard’s store on Melrose, J. Gerard, and picked up another armload of goodies to take to Bali, where she is honeymooning with film producer Larry Mortoff.


LOOKING PALE: The Bain de Soleil model, Kriss Ziemer, is beginning to fade away. Her 10-year reign as the longest, leanest, tannest woman ever to lounge across the centerfold is not over. But, for the new decade, Ziemer wears a golden glow instead of her mahogany tan. The advertising shift to pale is a direct response to a survey Bain de Soleil conducted that found only 10% of women aged 21 to 50 thought a dark tan preferable to a healthy glow.

DOGGY BAGS: Judith Leiber has made jeweled evening bags in just about every shape imaginable, including butterflies, hearts, fans, cats and the Hollywood sign. So when Barbara Bush sent Leiber a picture of First Dog Millie, it was a simple task for the designer to make a rhinestone-encrusted, gold-plated, dog-shaped purse in Millie’s image. Retailer Amen Wardy so loved the idea that he is offering personalized pooch purses through his two stores in Southern California. So far, 10 women have come into Wardy’s store with pictures of their dogs and Leiber is making them purses that resemble their pets. Those who wish to put on the dog take note: The 4-inch-tall bags sell for $2,195 each.

EEEK! SPIDERS!: Frank Marshall, celebrating his directorial debut with this summer’s release of “Arachnophobia” (fear of spiders), an Amblin-Hollywood Pictures thriller starring Jeff Daniels and John Goodman, is no longer bugged about what to give members of the cast and crew. While shopping at Sami Dinar for Men in Beverly Hills, Marshall found the perfect tie-in. He ordered dozens of spider motif ties by Howard Behar and black socks with a gray spider web on the ankle. “Spiders are going to be cute after this movie,” predicts Dinar, who is planning a window display around images of the creepy crawlers.