Bluebeard of a Different Color at Sushi's Neofest

Bluebeard had a reputation for marrying women and killing them. But, in the revisionist performance piece, "Bluebeard's Hassle: The Writhes of the Wives" at Sushi Performance Gallery, creator and performer Pat Oleszko tells a different story.

What if the wives didn't die, but just divorced Bluebeard and left his dark, dank castle to fulfill their own dreams?

A Guggenheim fellow with featured roles in "Bette Midler's Mondo Beyond" and "Crossing Delancey," Oleszko tells what really happened to the Free Little Pig, Oldilocks and the Three Bozos and So Wide and the Seventh Thwart, as Sushi's eighth annual Neofest continues today through Sunday at 852 8th Ave., San Diego, 235-8466.

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