SHORT TAKES : Garbo Estate Settles Book Suit

From Times staff and wire service reports

Greta Garbo's estate said Wednesday that it had settled a suit with publishers Simon & Schuster over whether a controversial book about the late movie star is fact or fiction.

The suit, filed Friday, alleged that "Garbo: Her Story", by Antoni Gronowicz, is a work of fiction and that it should not be touted as a factual biography of the Swedish-born actress, who died last month in New York.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

The lawsuit claimed that Simon & Schuster falsely advertised that Garbo contributed to the book when in fact the reclusive actress consistently denied any involvement with it.

Simon & Schuster has said the book contains frank comments from Garbo about her lovers, including Mauritz Stiller, the director who discovered her.

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