Pico Rivera : Removal of Inoperative Vehicles Gears Up

If you live in Pico Rivera and your car doesn't move, the city will move it for you--to the junkyard.

The City Council, weary of seeing dead clunkers on streets and in yards, has directed city workers to step up enforcement of a law banning visible inoperative vehicles. So far the effort has covered about one-fourth of the city. Even so, the Planning Department has cited 200 vehicles per month since January. Through mid-April, more than 250 vehicles have been garaged or removed by owners, or towed by the city. The vehicle and property owners are liable for the towing cost.

There were 10 inoperative vehicles at one residence alone, said Dave Caretto, assistant city manager. The city has received voluntary compliance with the law with 90% of the cited vehicles. Caretto said the goal is to make neighborhoods more attractive and to maintain property values. "The difference is already starting to show in the community," he said.

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