Educator Apologizes for Description of Asians

The superintendent of the Las Virgenes Unified School District, whose reference to "slant-eyed" Chinese during a recent public appearance prompted an inquiry by the Japanese American Citizens League, apologized Tuesday night at a Board of Education meeting.

In a brief prepared statement, Superintendent Albert D. Marley apologized for using the term during a March 21 presentation of slides, taken on a trip to China, in which he compared "slant-eyed" Chinese to the "round-eyed" Caucasians in his tour group. He also apologized for offending a Japanese-American attorney, Lyn K. Philipps, who attended his presentation before the Optimist Club of Calabasas.

Marley did not elaborate at the board meeting and refused to comment on Wednesday.

The superintendent's initial failure to apologize after Philipps wrote him of her concern prompted the San Fernando Valley chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League to pursue her complaint.

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