Clean and Sober?

“Scout’s Honor,” the Corey Feldman movie due to start shooting July 9, will not deal with a group of wilderness scouts who find a cache of drugs and turn it over to the police, as first conceived, and as we recently reported. It’s now a cache of illegal arms that gets Feldman and his camping buddies into trouble in the Wind River Productions film.

David O’Malley--writer, director and co-producer--tells us the drugs were nixed, not because of Feldman’s recent arraignment on two felony counts of possession of drugs for sale, but because drugs have become shopworn as a plot device. But O’Malley concedes that portraying Feldman as a hero in a drug plot might encourage audiences to “laugh us right out of the theater,” and Feldman himself found the coincidence “ironic.”

For the record:

12:00 a.m. June 3, 1990 OUTTAKES Quibbles & Bits
Los Angeles Times Sunday June 3, 1990 Home Edition Calendar Page 21 Calendar Desk 1 inches; 24 words Type of Material: Column; Correction
. . . Correction: Michael Spence is the director and co-writer of “Scout’s Honor,” a film in pre-production to star Corey Feldman. David O’Malley writes and co-produces.

Feldman, 18, who faces a preliminary hearing Tuesday after pleading innocent, recently passed an insurance physical--including an illegal-substance check--"with flying colors,” O’Malley says. The actor has also completed a two-week drug rehab program, O’Malley adds, and Feldman’s contract calls for periodic drug testing during production.

O’Malley, who has written and directed several features, says the stipulation is “the first” he’s encountered in a star’s contract and was demanded “because we felt we couldn’t take a chance with any actor in an unstable situation.”