NAMES IN THE NEWS : Vivien Leigh’s Stand-In Dies

From Times Staff and Wire Service Reports

Millicent Miller, who worked as Vivien Leigh’s stand-in during filming of “Gone With the Wind,” has died. She was 81.

Mrs. Miller died Tuesday. The cause of death wasn’t given.

She lived most of her life in Stillwater, except for nine years she spent in California.

In California, she joined the Screen Actors Guild and was asked to interview for the job as Miss Leigh’s stand-in for “Gone With the Wind.” She was hired from a group of more than 300 applicants.


She appeared in the movie as Scarlett O’Hara hiding under a bridge while a wagon passes overhead. And it was her hand that pulled a turnip from the ground after the ruination of Scarlett’s plantation Tara, and her hand that drew a revolver from a drawer before Scarlett shoots a Union soldier.

Mrs. Miller is survived by her husband, Jimmy (Pete) Miller, a daughter and granddaughter.

Services are scheduled for Thursday.