West Hollywood : Fund-Raiser for Shelter

Rita Coolidge, Monty Hall and Ally Sheedy are expected to be among the guests at a fund-raiser to support the West Hollywood Homeless Organization at the Schindler House at 835 Kings Road from 6 to 8 p.m. June 7.

The West Hollywood Homeless Organization, a nonprofit organization partially funded by the city, will be opening a 70-bed shelter for the homeless this summer at 1033 N. La Brea Ave. In addition to housing, the shelter will provide health services, job training, and counseling in AIDS awareness and prevention.

The fund-raiser is expected to draw some protests from a neighborhood group that is opposed to the shelter. Members of the Eastend Community Action, a neighborhood organization on West Hollywood’s east side, are planning to picket the fund-raiser because, they say, it will attract undesirables.