McDonald’s to Bare Cholesterol, Sodium Content of Big Mac

<i> Associated Press</i>

McDonald’s Corp. said today it will post complete nutritional information--including fat and sodium levels--on all of its products at its restaurants by the end of July.

“The more (customers) know about McDonald’s food, . . . the easier it will be for them to see how McDonald’s fits into their balanced diet,” said Terri Capatosto, spokeswoman for the fast-food giant.

McDonald’s drew fire from anti-cholesterol crusader Phil Sokolof this spring when the Omaha industrialist took out full-page ads in newspapers across the country pleading with McDonald’s to cut the fat in its hamburgers.


Sokolof’s ad, under the headline “The Poisoning of America,” was attacked by McDonald’s as misleading and malicious.

Capatosto said today’s announcement had nothing to do with Sokolof’s campaign.