Animals Bring Joy

As a humane volunteer for 30-plus years, I am delighted and grateful for the animal publicity (“Paws That Refresh: Pet Therapy,” April 23).

Before my husband came home to die, I was permitted to bring our dog to visit him at Laguna Hills Beverly Manor. I fictitiously call him my guard dog; he is a three-pound teacup poodle that thinks everybody loves him. He was a joy to many patients.

We whose lives are closely associated with animals know of their therapeutic value. However, permanent placing of animals in nursing homes can be unfortunate.

My husband and I made extra 30-mile round trips to walk a boxer dog in a nursing home where my mother was a patient. He eventually was placed.


I think there is a misprint in your article. Four-week-old pups would be with a nursing mother. I used to stress 8-week-old adoptions when kittens and puppies are better established. My sincere thanks to Norma Corish for her work and to The Times for the pictures and story.


Laguna Hills