Turner Offers Christians an Apology

From United Press International

Cable TV magnate Ted Turner apologized today for remarks that Christians found offensive--one day after he reportedly made amends for his defense of the Chinese government’s violent reaction to Tian An Men Square protesters.

Turner, who in the last few months has called Christianity “a religion for losers” on repeated occasions, made his apology during a luncheon at the First Baptist Church in Woodstock.

“I should have had either a serving of fried crow or a dish of humble pie for lunch,” said Turner, who made a similar apology Tuesday in an appearance on Cable News Network. “I really, from the very bottom of my heart, want to apologize for statements I made about Christianity. I did it mainly out of frustration.

“At one time or another, I’ve offended almost every group,” Turner added. “I’m sure I’ll be apologizing again.”


Within minutes of his apology, the brash-speaking Turner sparked another round of controversy with a comment that brought an audible gasp from the church members.

“I’m looking forward to dying and going to hell because that’s where I’m headed,” Turner said, without offering any explanation.

Turner told the group that he was raised as an Episcopalian and has read the Bible twice.

Turner met Tuesday with Shen Tong, a leader in the student protests in China last year.


Shen said the broadcasting mogul apologized for defending the Beijing government’s violent reaction to protesters in Tian An Men Square last spring. Hundreds of students were killed when troops dispersed the protesters.