New First: Rep. Lindy Boggs (D-La.), 74,...

Compiled by YEMI TOURE

New First: Rep. Lindy Boggs (D-La.), 74, may be the first great-grandmother in the history of Congress. Her great-grandchild, Andrew Hale Boggs, is the son of Hale and Jackie Boggs, both Los Angeles lawyers. Hale is one of the congresswoman's eight grandchildren. The baby, born this month, was named for his great-grandfather Rep. Hale Boggs, who died in a plane crash in Alaska in 1972.

The Other Vote: Staff members on Capitol Hill have voted Sen. Bill Bradley and Rep. Dick Gephardt "Overrated" in a poll by Washingtonian magazine. In the "Headed for the Hall of Fame" category were Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell and House Speaker Tom Foley. "Headed for the Hall of Shame": Sen. Alan Cranston and Rep. Gus Savage. Two-time winner for "Brain Dead" and "Work Shirker" was Sen. Larry Pressler.

You Said It: Some people never forget, said actor Kirk Douglas, 71, who has just had his first novel published. "I once said, 'If I want to lie a little, I'll write an autobiography. If I want to tell the truth, I'll write a novel.' It's coming back to haunt me," Douglas said in Dallas while promoting his new novel, "Dance With the Devil." But Douglas still does not look the part of an author. "I feel like I should have a beard, tap on my pipe, look out through thick glasses."

Trump, the Downfall: How far have Donald Trump's fortunes fallen? So far that Bloomingdale's has slashed the price of Trump: the Game, the board game of wheeling and dealing, from $35 to $17.50. The New York Daily News also said a deal to put the Trump name on a line of desk accessories and leather goods has gone bad in the wake of his financial problems. The News quoted a Trump spokesman: "One would be fooling oneself if they thought that the recent problems did not have a negative effect."

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