THOUSAND OAKS : Jungleland Initiative Drive Extended

Three residents of Thousand Oaks will try to place an initiative concerning the fate of the controversial Jungleland civic center project before city voters next April instead of in November as they had originally planned.

Residents Dick Booker, Heinrich (Corky) Charles and Joan Gorner said they do not have enough time to gather signatures of 5,550 registered voters and present them to the county for review by July 25.

“We’re just going to look ahead to April,” Booker said. “Right now, we’re outside the window for the November election. There’s not enough time for the validation of the signatures.”

The three residents announced earlier this month that residents should have the opportunity to vote on the controversial civic center project, especially since the city recently announced that the project would cost more than $55.6 million to build.


But some city officials say it is too late to take the issue to the voters. They say the city has already poured millions of dollars into the project. which will include a government center and civic auditorium when it is completed in 1993.