‘Shifting Gears’ on Bicycles, Motorcycles

Congratulations on the great article regarding the trend toward alternate transportation methods as a way of beating traffic (“Shifting Gears,” June 19). It was nice to see coverage of a growing change in commuter attitude, especially when we in Southern California are faced with a serious and growing crisis in transportation.

My own personal experience with alternative transportation began last summer when my car broke down. I began riding my bike from my home in Pacific Beach to my job tending bar in La Jolla, five miles each way. Even after I got my car repaired, I continued to ride my bike to work simply because I enjoyed it.

This summer, I am riding my bike to my job at Caltrans in Old Town, another five-mile ride each way. The ride past Mission Bay at 7:30 in the morning is beautiful and an important start to my day.

When school begins this fall, I plan on riding to the campus, 15 miles from home. Sure it takes a little longer, but the workout alone is worth it. Besides, driving to San Diego State to study for a master’s degree in conservation of environmental quality does not make sense.



Pacific Beach