Needed: A New Traffic Measure

Let's refer to it as Measure M II. It's the same 20-year Traffic Improvement and Growth Management Plan that was narrowly defeated last fall. To date, not a word has been changed, nor is such likely to occur.

Viewed in the aggregate, the plan tends to overwhelm the reader; separated into its several parts, the plan tends to make a great deal of sense.

Just because it is carefully detailed does not make it a formidable document to peruse. One need only to absorb the contents piece by piece to appreciate that it includes something substantial for much more than just freeway improvements.

For a half-cent sales tax, we come up even with all of our neighboring counties and qualify for all of the additional funding that becomes available to counties that have bought into the "self-help" program. Otherwise, we'll see our share spread over the other counties, while we're left sitting on 10-m.p.h. freeways.

For Measure M II to be placed on the November general election ballot, the Board of Supervisors must so file no later than Aug. 10, 1990. The county Chamber of Commerce urges the board to do so despite all of the polls that may be taken between now and then.

There is no reason to ridicule the intelligence of the voters by laying out millions for direct mail in an attempt to woo voters with the kind of expensive literature that was utilized last year. It scared them off then because they had to wonder who was behind it all. It did not work then, and it is not necessary this time.

What is necessary is to persuade at least three of our supervisors to agree to place Measure M II on the ballot.

The passage in Orange County, of all places, of Proposition 108 and the heavy Proposition 111 vote that tipped the statewide ballot count into the "yes" category testify to the willingness of voters to approve sensible plans.

Measure M II is no less sensible and the county government has no real option but to give it a chance to pass by placing it on the ballot. Let the people decide.



Orange County Chamber of Commerce

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