Bush Abandons Vow, Calls for Tax Increase to Reduce Deficit

In regard to President Bush's most recent lip movement, it matters little that he now acknowledges tax increases are necessary to reduce the budget deficit. It is even less significant that, as Reagan had in 1984, Bush vilified his 1988 campaign opponent for acknowledging the need to raise taxes.

However, what does matter about President Bush's recent revelation is that it once again underscores the fact (when viewed along with the HUD, S&L;, Pentagon procurement and Iran-Contra scandals) that the Republican Party apparatchiks are clearly of the opinion that the American people are intractably obtuse.

Of the comments you published, perhaps the most telling came from Michael Dukakis: "I told the truth, and I paid the price. Mr. Bush did not tell the truth, and now we must all pay the price." However, a far clearer analysis of this style of politics was once made by another Republican President: "You can't fool all of the people all of the time."


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