VIDEO RENTALS : 'Tango and Cash' Waltzes to 4th Spot

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One of the most bankable buddy movies in recent years, "Tango and Cash," a cop drama that copies the "Lethal Weapon" formula, zoomed up to No. 4 on the Billboard magazine chart in just two weeks. Starring Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell, it grossed nearly $61.7 million at the box office. The reviews were scathing but, when it comes to cop/action movies, neither moviegoers nor renters pay any attention to critics. In the next few weeks, "Tango and Cash" may rise up four places and rule the rental roost. Eddie Murphy's "Harlem Nights," a box-office disappointment, finally crept into the rental Top Five, at No. 5, after nearly two months on the market--an unimpressive chart performance for a Murphy movie. The acclaimed documentary "Roger and Me" jumped from No. 38 to No. 21.

* "Steel Magnolias," which took in nearly $80 million at the box office, was destined to be a rental smash (No. 9 after two chart weeks). With its all-star, all-women cast and its tear-jerker story, it has been a big hit with the target female audience. What has really boosted its appeal in the rental market is the sudden popularity of co-star Julia Roberts--a lesser known member of the cast when the movie was filmed, but now a star because of "Pretty Woman."

Ranking Weeks Ranking 2 Weeks On Rental Top Rentals Last Week Ago Chart 1."Back to the Future Part 1 1 6 II"(MCA/Universal) 2."The Fabulous Baker Boys" 2 2 5 (IVE) 3."Look Who's Talking" 3 3 11 (RCA/Columbia) 4."Tango and Cash" (Warner) 10 ... 2 5."Harlem Nights" 7 7 7 (Paramount) * "Steel Magnolias" 31 ... 2 (RCA/Columbia)

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