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Starr Is Dim on Dice: Don't look for Starr Parodi, the keyboardist on the Arsenio Hall talk show on KCOP Channel 13, to be tickling the ivories tonight when controversial comedian Andrew Dice Clay guests. Parodi has taken up the protest cry of "Saturday Night Live" star Nora Dunn, and will not appear with the band during the show. "This Starr says no Dice," Parodi said, echoing the sentiments of Dunn and others who have blasted Clay's humor as racist and sexist. Hall's producers said that they respect her wishes not to perform her normal duties. Don't expect Parodi to stay totally away from the show, however, as Dunn did when Clay hosted that show recently. Officials said that Parodi probably will be shown in her dressing room at some point during the show.

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