LA HABRA : Residents Complain; Rezoning Is Denied

A proposal to rezone East Pacific Avenue and South Euclid Street to allow two units per lot was rejected by the city Planning Commission this week.

"I cannot see how you can think of adding more homes there," Rebecca Nava, a 36-year resident of Pacific Avenue, told commissioners.

"I don't see where (the new residents) would park. With more people living there, we'd have more problems," she added, referring to neighborhood crime.

City Planning Director Kathy Kim agreed that the proposal presented problems.

"There will be difficulties in complying with code requirements because of the narrowness of the lots," she said.

After hearing from residents, Commissioner Charles Taylor said, "I've done a turnaround. When I saw 'affordable housing' (in the proposal), I thought it was a good idea. But when I hear what these residents think, I'm now opposed."

The City Council will consider the general plan along with other possible changes in zoning designations at a special meeting on Aug. 31.

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