THE SIDELINES : Steinbrenner Wants to Keep His Hand in Yankee Business Affairs

From Times Wire Services

George Steinbrenner wants to run the New York Yankees' business affairs, even though he agreed to give up that control this month, according to a published report.

The New York Daily News reported today that Steinbrenner sent a letter this week to the team's limited partners asking that some of his powers be extended. The letter seeks permission from the partners that, "in regard to all financial, tax and other business purposes, Mr. Steinbrenner will remain akin to general partner," the News quoted.

On Monday, Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent penalized Steinbrenner for paying gambler Howard Spira for information about Dave Winfield. Steinbrenner agreed to resign as general partner by Aug. 20 and promised not to take part in the team's day-to-day matters.

The settlement stated that Steinbrenner will be allowed to participate only in "extraordinary financial or business affairs" of the Yankees. Even then, he can take part just as a limited partner and must have Vincent's written permission.

The News said most of the limited partners refused to sign the letter or return it.

"Let's put it this way. The thing is very troubling to us," the News quoted an unidentified limited partner as saying. "But it will be resolved. The commissioner is aware of this."

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