NAMES IN THE NEWS : Ford Seeks Time to Carpenter

From Times Staff and Wire Service Reports

Harrison Ford worked as a carpenter before he struck gold as an actor, and finding a month to do nothing but make furniture is one of his unfulfilled fantasies.

Ford took up carpentry to pay the bills before landing a role in "Star Wars" in 1977, he tells US magazine in its Aug. 20 issue.

His most recent foray into carpentry was about a year ago when he built a bed for his 3-year-old son, Malcolm.

"He watched me make it. But I'm sure he thinks that everybody's dad makes their bed," Ford said.

Today, after an Oscar nomination for "Witness" and with the "Indiana Jones" series on his resume, he earns about $10 million per film.

His latest is "Presumed Innocent," in which he plays a big-city prosecutor accused of murdering a colleague-lover.

Ford, 48, said carpentry is something he'd like more time for.

"I'd like to actually have a month and actually not do anything else but work on some furniture, work on honing those skills which I haven't practiced for so long," he said.

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