High Life : A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Heartthrobs, Friends Will Return Along With School

<i> Responses gathered by Jennifer Turner at Mission Viego Mall and South Coast Plaza</i>

Though the thought of returning to school may cause many to shed a tear or two, there is nevertheless a feeling of wonderment of what the new academic year will bring.

For some, it will be a time for reacquaintances; for others, it will be an opportunity to make new friends.

Hot Topics wonders, “What are you most looking forward to about going back to school?”

“Being an upperclassman, so I can throw pennies at the freshmen.” Susan Dittier, 17, senior, Orange


“Seeing all my friends again and especially the cute baseball coach.” Jennifer Oaks, 15, sophomore, Orange

“Using my brain again. It was becoming warped from too much TV.” Eric Rogers, 15, sophomore, Villa Park

“Seeing a certain gorgeous senior I’ve missed all summer.” Jason Halverson, 15, sophomore, El Modena

“Getting all the gossip I missed while I was on vacation.” Heidi Rosenberg, 15, sophomore, Edison


“Seeing all my friends again.” Julie Stevens, 14, freshman, Edison

“Shopping for new school clothes.” Jackie Davis, 16, junior, El Dorado

“Shopping, definitely the shopping.” Julie Nielson, 16, junior El Dorado

“Teasing all the freshmen the way I got it last year.” Chad Thomas, 15, sophomore, El Modena


“Nothing. I hate school.” Jeff Richardson, 14, freshman, Edison

“Meeting cute senior guys.” Sandra O’ Neil, 14, freshman, Edison

“Playing sports again. I’m tired of feeling like a couch potato.” Steve Myers, 15, sophomore, Trabuco Hills

“Seeing all the new freshman chicks.” Jason Harvey, 16, junior, Trabuco Hills


“Absolutely nothing. School is my worst nightmare.” Jeff Esparza, 14, freshman, Laguna Hills

“Seeing all the cute new guys who will be there from different junior highs.” Stephanie Powell, 14, freshman, Trabuco Hills

“Being able to get out of the house every day. I’m getting bored to death.” Jennifer Mabry, 15, freshman, Newport Harbor

“Hearing those great essays on ‘What I did for my summer vacation.’ ” Julie Thompson, 15, sophomore, El Modena


“Meeting and falling in love with all the great-looking senior girls.” Steve Bodkins, 14, freshman, Villa Park

“Having something to do all day, because the end of the summer always gets really boring.” Jake Jansen, 15,freshman, Edison “Not having to work anymore.” Justin Bailey, 16, junior, Trabuco Hills

“Getting to see everyone I missed this summer.” David Sampson, 15, sophomore, Trabuco Hills

“Going back-to-school shopping.” Brigette Ellis, 14, freshman, Woodbridge


“Doing homework. I live for this stuff.” Jessica Pierce, 15, freshman, Woodbridge

“Seeing this guy I had a crush on. I missed him all summer.” Marla Peters, 15, sophomore, Canyon

“Hearing all about the parties that everyone had.” Susan Stephens, 15, junior, Canyon

“Seeing my new boyfriend every day.” Mary Martin, 15, freshman, El Toro


Next Week’s Hot Topic:

What song will remind you most of this past summer? Why?