$400,000 Awarded for Street Repairs


A $400,000 federal grant has been awarded to the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency for street improvments in a six-block area of Wilmington Industrial Park, it was announced Thursday.

The Economic Development Administration funds, coupled with a matching $400,000 from the CRA, will go toward repairing C Street and Lecouvreur Avenue with sewers, storm drains and paving. The work is scheduled to be completed by June, 1992.

The industrial park was designated a CRA project by the Los Angeles City Council in 1974 with the aim of converting the area’s dirt roads, junkyards and vacant land into a business center. Since then, according to the CRA, 28 new commercial buildings have opened in the project area, generating nearly 1,000 jobs.


The latest grant, applied for two years ago, will allow further improvements to the area, according to city officials.

“Opening up C Street will provide the community and industrial park workers with more access to businesses within the park, as well as make the area more attractive and functional,” Councilwoman Joan Milke Flores said in a prepared statement released after the grant was announced. Flores’ district includes Wilmington.