Mitchell to Be ‘91’s Best-Paid

<i> Associated Press</i>

Kevin Mitchell has signed a contract extension with the San Francisco Giants worth $15 million over four years that will make him the highest-paid player in baseball in 1991.

Mitchell’s agent Joe Sroba confirmed today that the outfielder, last year’s most valuable player in the National League, had agreed to the extension, which begins next season and runs through 1994.

“This deal indicates that Major League Baseball is healthy, Kevin Mitchell is wealthy and the Giants are wise,” Sroba said in a statement.


“The magnitude of this mutual agreement suggests the club’s interest in Mitchell sharing a leadership role on the team and Kevin’s willingness to do so.”

According to USA Today, the deal will pay Mitchell 60% of the total package in the first two years, and make him baseball’s highest-paid player next year. Jose Canseco’s contract with the Oakland Athletics will pay him $23.5 million from 1991 to ’95.