BREA : Brea-Olinda High Has New Principal

When John Johnson was hired last month to be Brea Olinda High School's new principal, he inherited a state-of-the-art campus and a state-of-the-economy budget.

Co-principals Gary Goff and Jean Sullivan both resigned over the summer from Brea's only high school. Sullivan retired after 25 years with the district and Goff, after 30 years in the district, left to start a consulting business.

The new principal must start the new school year which begins today by introducing himself to teachers, parents and students, and by coping with questions surrounding the effect of $700,000 in cuts the district must make from its 1990-91 budget.

And despite the luxury of the $36-million campus Johnson will oversee, the high school's share of the cuts will have an impact.

One of Johnson's first tasks will be to cut one custodial position, one of at least 10 that will be made in the district. And students will study in ultramodern science labs, but supplies will be handed out carefully.

"We'll have to be very conservative with supplies," Johnson said. "It's going to be tight."

Johnson, who has been a junior high vice principal in Corona for five years, said he was awed by his first look at Brea-Olinda High.

"The reputation of its academics is unbelievable, the campus has a wonderful performing arts building, a beautiful stadium--it's a marvelous facility," Johnson said. "It's every principal's dream."

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