PRO FOOTBALL REPORT / WEEKDAY UPDATE : RAMS : Robinson Unsure About Tailback

Sticking to his stance that all three tailbacks will be treated equally for now, Ram Coach John Robinson said he has not made a decision yet about his starter at that position.

“Well, we usually flip a coin on Saturday nights, usually wait till then,” Robinson said Thursday. “We’re going to try to play them all the same.

“I really haven’t thought much about them. I’m serious about all of them playing--Cleveland Gary has played less because he’s played hurt.”

Curt Warner has run the most from tailback but Gary, coming off a back injury, seems to be ready to take more of the load. Gaston Green is the other man in the mix.


Robinson said there will be a decision made today about whether to sign an extra kicker because of Mike Lansford’s sore lower leg.

Robinson is leaning that way and the second kicker may well be John Carney, who has survived two days of workouts with several other kickers.

Carney edged out Teddy Garcia in a field-goal workout Wednesday, although Garcia was better on kickoffs.

Although Lansford figures to kick Sunday, Robinson is concerned that Lansford will reinjure the leg during the game.

If the Rams do sign Carney, or anyone else, they would have to cut a player or put someone on the injured-reserve list.