Cerritos : Council Raises Questions on State Housing Mandate

The Planning Commission and city staff have been asked by the City Council to wrestle with a litany of questions about such things as how Cerritos can finance affordable housing and whether it can govern the sale of such homes.

Under state law, Cerritos must begin setting aside 20% of its redevelopment tax money in 1995 to provide low- and moderate-income housing. So far, the city has no plans on how it will meet the state mandate, although the council discussed the issue at its meeting last week for the first time.

"There were a lot of things we did not know," Mayor Ann Joynt said. "Primarily, we did not know what was legal."

If the city does build affordable housing, some council members have said they want the sale of the homes restricted to Cerritos residents.

The staff and Planning Commission will research the questions and report back to the council. No date was set on when they would make their report.

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