And the Elvira Angle . . .

Unlikely pairings? How about Bernard Mass and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Mass met with actress Cassandra Peterson, who portrays the campy horror movie hostess, proposing that she become spokeswoman in a $1-million promotional campaign for Sea of Rain, a knock-off perfume maker that was among the companies he drew under the Whiteworth banner.

It quickly became apparent, though, that Mass had no way of paying for his big plans. He never followed through on the initial meeting with Peterson. And Sea of Rain's founder, Bob Bauman, a cosmetics industry veteran, quit in March, 1989, rather than stay associated with Mass.

In an eight-page letter explaining his resignation, Bauman accused Mass of a "complete disregard for honoring firmly made financial commitments" and said his business practices were "chaotic" and "reckless."

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