Prop. C Fallout

While generally accurate and fair, The Times' article on the Proposition C aftermath ("Animal Advocates Unbowed by Defeat," Nov. 15) contains an inflammatory quote certain to leave a wrong impression.

In the story, a Los Angeles "animal activist" called vivisectors to task, describing them in derogatory terms. The article then connected the quoted woman to the San Diego coalition opposing Proposition C.

The woman quoted was not a part of the San Diego County coalition to defeat Proposition C, and was not authorized to speak for that coalition or for San Diego-based Stop Taking Our Pets. It is unfortunate that the article did not make that clear.

The crux of Proposition C was and is pound seizure--pets in research--not the broader issue of vivisection and its practitioners.

Incidentally, there were plenty of quotable anti-Proposition C people available locally without going so far afield for opinions on a San Diego County Issue.

ROBERT S. MELVIN, Co-Founder, Stop Taking Our Pets

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