SHORT TAKES : Barr’s Battle With Ex-Husband Gets Big Audience on ‘Donahue’


Roseanne Barr’s financial battle with her ex-husband made the airwaves when she called “Donahue” and got into a shouting match over whether she owes him money.

Bill Pentland, who was a guest on the show Thursday with his lawyer, Marvin Mitchelson, said Barr owes him for helping launch her career.

But the star of the top-rated ABC show “Roseanne” accused him of being more interested in publicity than money.

“Bill, you own two houses. You have five cars. I, in January, gave you $200,000 cash to live on for three months,” she said. “It is about publicity, Bill.”


Pentland has asked a judge to declare Barr’s “celebrity status” a marital asset, give it a dollar value and divide it between them. The case is expected to go to trial in January.

Barr was married to Pentland for 14 years. She is now married to Tom Arnold.