Just Like That Rabbit, He Keeps Going and Going and Going . . .

A showdown between undefeated teams wasn’t the only thing that went out the window when the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants both lost Sunday.

Columnist Jerry Izenberg of the Newark Star-Ledger might have had some fun with a matchup of 11-0 teams.

After the Giants beat Detroit two weeks ago, Izenberg wrote: “To (the Giants), reaching for (their) 10th victory in 10 starts, the Lions were simply that undigested piece of boiled beef which nestles next to a molar and must be dealt with before you can go out and pick up your date on prom night or the summer’s last mosquito, which doesn’t have the sense to know it should have been dead a month ago and demands one final swat before you can drift off to sleep.”

Trivia time: Who holds the National League record for home runs allowed in one season?


Welcome to it: High school football fever gripped Inyo County last Friday as Bishop Bronco boosters buckled up for the long trek to their second-round playoff game against Valley Christian.

On Friday, the Inyo Register ran a public service item under the headline, “How to get to Valley Christian.” It began:

“CERRITOS--For those of us who live in the Owens Valley, it is rare, and probably desirable, that we do not often get to go to the crazy world of Southern California.”

Add Bronco boosters: Valley Christian 24, Bishop 6. Take Artesia Boulevard back to Studebaker Road., turn left and follow Studebaker back to Alondra. . . .


Tell him to his face: Heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield played the role of honorary special teams captain for the Atlanta Falcons during a recent game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

After the Eagles won, 24-23, Holyfield visited their locker room and signed autographs.

Eagle safety Andre Waters wasn’t pleased--or impressed. He told Len Pasquerelli of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution: “Hey, he was on the Falcons’ side. Mike Tyson’s my man.”

Yeah, right: Wednesday, the skies opened and the World League of American Football unveiled its first team, the Orlando Thunder.

Outlined against the team colors of lime green, royal blue and white, and the helmet logo with its ominous blue cloud and lightning bolt, Tustin banker Raj Bhathal, the Thunder’s owner, actually said: “Owning a team in this league might be better than being in the NFL.”

Trivia answer: Robin Roberts of Philadelphia, with 46 in 1956.

Quotebook: Andrea Joyce, who will be the co-host for CBS-TV’s Heisman Trophy presentation show Saturday, on who is more deserving of the award, Brigham Young’s Ty Detmer or Notre Dame’s Raghib (Rocket) Ismail: “It depends on how you define best--with stats or with excitement. It’s such a suggestive thing.”