NCAA Asked to Rescind OSU Penalty

<i> Associated Press</i>

Oregon State basketball Coach Jim Anderson wants the NCAA to rescind a penalty levied against the Beavers, citing the NCAA compromise reached with UNLV.

The NCAA found in 1982 that some Oregon State players violated rules at a regional tournament in Provo, Utah, by exchanging game tickets for merchandise. Oregon State was forced to return the money it made from the tournament, believed to be in excess of $300,000.

“I thought from our case, from several years ago, they (NCAA) were pretty severe, but we really didn’t have any ground to stand on,” Anderson said. “Maybe now a lot of schools should go back and ask for the same courtesy extended to Vegas.”

Anderson said he was shocked by the compromise that allows the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels to defend their national title.


“You feel there’s been pressure applied and that from the pressure, they’ve (NCAA) buckled under,” Anderson said.