Glendale Cable Company Yanks Madonna Video

A Glendale cable TV company removed Madonna’s new video “Justify My Love” from its Video Jukebox channel this week after receiving “lots of complaints from parents,” the general manager says.

“We’re real sensitive to the cities we serve,” said Shirley Orr of Sammons Cable. “We don’t carry the Playboy Channel or anything like that.”

The Video Jukebox Network is a national cable channel that offers viewers the chance to select what they want to see from a menu of about 100 videos. Each selection costs $3.

Madonna’s video, which had been rejected by MTV because it is apparently too sexually explicit, had been available on the Video Jukebox Network since last weekend. Orr said that since every subscriber, including children, can see the video once it is selected and paid for by just one other subscriber, the cable company decided to eliminate it from the selections on its system.


“Justify My Love” can still be seen on the Video Jukebox Network on most cable companies across the country that carry the channel, including United Artist Cable in the west San Fernando Valley and Comcast Cablevision in northern Orange County.