LOCAL : Shots Fired Outside High School

<i> From Times Staff and Wire Service Reports</i>

A reputed gang member fired at least four shots at students near Louis Lake High School in Garden Grove this morning, school officials said today.

No one was injured. The shooting occurred at Lake School Park, which adjoins the high school’s campus.

Principal Tom Robins said the incident involved six students who had gone without permission to a convenience store in a nearby shopping center. The students, identified as gang members, were ordered to return to school, according to Larry O’Donnell, an assistant principal.

As they were walking back to school, Robins said his students had a “chance meeting with three youngsters from another gang.” After exchanging “heated” words, the three youths got into their car and drove half a block away.


One youth got out of the vehicle, crouched and then fired at the students, Robins said. “They were running and diving for cover,” Robins said. “We’re shocked but relieved that no one was hurt.”

The shooting did not disrupt classes, Robins said. Garden Grove police are investigating the incident.