Cold Fronts to Bring Along a Chance of Rain


Just when you thought it was safe to classify rain as the stuff of local legend, two large cold fronts have begun rolling in from the north, bringing a chance of rain for a thirsty Orange County.

Beginning tonight, Orange County residents can look to the skies for a 30% to 40% chance of rain through noon Wednesday, according to meteorologist Steve Burback of WeatherData, which provides forecasts for The Times.

A cold front that Monday dumped showers on San Francisco is heading this way, causing overnight lows tonight to dip into the mid-40s and bringing a chance of rain.

Highs today and Wednesday are expected to be in the mid-60s to 70.


Drought-weary residents hoping for the Big One--the Big Rain, that is--to lift them out of their water-hungry blues will be disappointed.

“I don’t think it’ll be on the heavy side, except maybe up on the mountains on the western slopes,” Burback said. “There’s enough clouds that you’ll get some moisture through Orange County, but on a scattered basis.”

Burback said another cold front--part of the same storm system--had appeared over northern Alaska on satellite photographs Monday afternoon, ready to travel the same southward route as its predecessor.

The new front will arrive hard on the heels of the first one, whose showers should tail off by midday Wednesday. Burback also put Thursday night’s chance of rain at 30% to 40% but said intermittent showers will probably come to an end by midday Friday.

As with tonight’s expected rain, northern Orange County residents are more likely than their southern counterparts to win the slight reprieve from the fourth unseasonably dry winter in a row.