Trump Divorce Final; Money Matters Remain

From Associated Press

A tearful Ivana Trump was divorced today from her millionaire husband, Donald, whose “cruel and inhuman treatment” of his ex-wife was cited for the end of their 13-year marriage.

But the dissolution of the marriage left unresolved exactly who will get what from the troubled Trump empire and whether the couple’s marital agreement giving “the Donald” the lion’s share will hold.

Ivana Trump, assisted by attorney Michael Kennedy, left the courthouse in tears after the divorce was approved by Manhattan Divorce Court Judge Phyllis Gangel-Jacob.

“It is a sad day for everyone, particularly our children and families,” Ivana Trump said in a statement.


Donald Trump, meanwhile, issued a statement of goodwill.

“I wish Ivana the best. I have no doubt that she will do very well in the years to come,” he said.

But whether Ivana Trump will do it with a reported $25-million prenuptial agreement or with much more remains to be seen. The judge said all other money matters, such as child support, equitable distribution of property and the validity of any pre- and post-marital agreement, will be decided at trial, unless they are otherwise resolved.

No trial date was set. Ivana Trump, in court papers filed earlier this year, was seeking $2.5 billion of her ex-husband’s estimated $5-billion fortune--a figure financial analysts say has dwindled in recent months.

In granting the divorce, Gangel-Jacob cited “Mr. Trump’s cruel and inhuman treatment such as made it unfaith or improper to continue to be married.” The judge did not elaborate.

Trump has been romantically linked with aspiring actress and model Marla Maples, 26.

“Marla is out of town on business. She won’t be having any comment,” said her spokesman, Chuck Jones.

Ivana Trump argued in court papers that the couple’s updated marital agreement, signed in December, 1987, was drawn up while her husband was already committing adultery with Maples and intended to leave her.