‘GoodFellas’ a Favorite on Both Coasts : N.Y. Critics Cite ‘GoodFellas’


Martin Scorsese’s “GoodFellas” won awards for best picture and best director for 1990 from the New York Film Critics Circle on Tuesday, making the gangland drama and Scorsese two-for-two in major critics groups’ year-end balloting.

On Saturday, the Los Angeles Film Critics Assn. gave the film the same awards, plus three others--for cinematography and both supporting acting categories. The National Society of Film Critics, perhaps the most influential of the major critics organizations, will vote on Jan. 6.

Tuesday’s vote marked the first time since Woody Allen’s 1986 “Hannah and Her Sisters” that the New York and Los Angeles groups agreed on the best picture.

The groups also were in other, less obvious, agreement. Both ignored “The Godfather, Part III.” Kevin Costner’s “Dances With Wolves,” considered by many in Hollywood to be a strong Oscar contender, won no awards from either group, though it was the runner-up in the director and best picture categories in Los Angeles.


The New York critics named Robert De Niro best actor for his roles in both “GoodFellas” and the upcoming “Awakenings.” Jeremy Irons, who was named best actor among the L.A. critics for his role in “Reversal of Fortune,” experienced his own reversal of fortune, finishing second in the New York voting.

The New York critics elevated three L.A. runners-up to first place in their voting: Joanne Woodward was named best actress for “Mr. and Mrs. Bridge,” Bruce Davison won as best supporting actor for “Longtime Companion,” and Vittorio Storaro was named best cinematographer for “The Sheltering Sky.”

The 1990 New York Film Critics Circle winners and runner-ups:

* Best picture: “GoodFellas.” Runner-up, “Mr. and Mrs. Bridge.”

* Best director: Martin Scorsese, “GoodFellas.” Runner-up, Bernardo Bertolucci, “The Sheltering Sky.”

* Best actor: Robert De Niro, “GoodFellas” and “Awakenings.” Runner-up, Jeremy Irons, “Reversal of Fortune.”

* Best actress: Joanne Woodward, “Mr. and Mrs. Bridge.” Runner-up, Anjelica Huston, “The Grifters.”

* Best supporting actor: Bruce Davison, “Longtime Companion.” Runner-up, Joe Pesci, “GoodFellas.”


* Best supporting actress: Jennifer Jason Leigh, for “Last Exit to Brooklyn” and “Miami Blues.” Runner-up, Joan Plowright, “Avalon.”

* Best new director: Whit Stillman for “Metropolitan.”

* Best foreign language film: “The Nasty Girl” (German). Runner-up, “Cyrano de Bergerac,” (France).

* Best cinematography: Vittorio Storaro, “The Sheltering Sky.” Runner-up Michael Balhaus, “GoodFellas.”


* Best screenplay: Ruth Prawer Jhabvala for “Mr. and Mrs. Bridge.” Runner-up (tie) Whit Stillman for “Metropolitan” and Charles Burnett for “To Sleep with Anger.”