THE SIDELINES : Ditka to Stick With Tomczak

<i> From Times Wire Services </i>

After a day of thinking it over, Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka says he’ll stick with quarterback Mike Tomczak in the first weekend of the playoffs.

After the Bears’ 21-10 loss Saturday to the Kansas City Chiefs, Ditka said he might start backup Peter Tom Willis, rather than Tomczak, next week.

But in an interview with Chicago station WBBM-TV Sunday night, Ditka said he was “pretty sure” he wouldn’t yank Tomczak for the inexperienced rookie.

“I really believe in Mike,” Ditka said. “It’s easy to point the finger and criticize. But I think he will really go out there and do his best for us.”


Tomczak completed only five of 23 passes for 85 yards in Saturday’s game.