Anti-War Protesters Snarl 3 Cities as Deadline Nears

From Associated Press

Thousands of anti-war demonstrators chanting “No blood for oil!” clogged streets in Chicago, brought Golden Gate Bridge traffic to a crawl and blocked entrances to federal offices in Minneapolis today on the eve of Tuesday’s deadline in the Persian Gulf.

Some Chicago motorists honked and flashed peace signs, and people in windows above the street dropped paper and applauded the crowd, estimated at 3,000 at its peak. Other motorists appeared angry at having their path blocked.

More than 100 people were arrested and charged with mob action, said Chicago Police Officer Jackie Kimber. Some were arrested as they sat in a downtown intersection.

With signs saying “Talks Not Tanks” and “How Much Blood to the Gallon?”, protesters in San Francisco lined both sides of the bridge linking the city and Marin County. Several jumped out into traffic lanes and at least two were arrested, said Don Gappa, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol.


Bridge officials closed the span temporarily, and southbound traffic was backed up as much as 15 miles.

In Minneapolis, activists blocked entrances to the old Federal Building and burned an American flag in a garbage bin they rolled down the street. The building includes recruiting stations for the armed services. Two protesters were arrested; police estimated the crowd at 800 to 1,000.