Don MacLean’s Behavior Is Confusing to Readers, Both Young and Old

With the rumor of Don MacLean turning pro becoming more and more convincing, fans even as young as myself (17) begin questioning the reasoning of some of these athletes.

In today’s (Feb. 11) feature story, Jerry Crowe brings up MacLean’s maligned defense, and other hinderances to his draftibility, but the real detraction should be all the advantages of staying in school. With another year under his belt, MacLean could very easily be leaving school with a degree, the all-time Pac-10 scoring lead, a higher predicted position in the draft, and, possibly, an NCAA championship ring. Instead MacLean said it’s not a matter of records, but one of money.

Even as an avid Bruin fan who hopes to go to every home game next year as a student, I can’t understand the justification of going pro early, especially when one is in a position like MacLean’s, under minimum economic hardship, seemingly with everything to gain by sticking around.

Whatever happened to playing basketball merely because of love for the game?



Yorba Linda