Carey Aces Ice

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Grammy-winning singer Mariah Carey finally flushed rapper Vanilla Ice out of the No. 1 position on the Billboard pop album chart, which he had owned for the past four months with "To the Extreme." Carey's debut album made it to the top with a boost from still another hit single, "Someday"--No. 2 on the pop singles chart. Gloria Estefan's "Into the Light" continues its rocket-like rise, jumping from No. 12 to No. 7 in just its third week on the chart. Whitney Houston's "All the Man That I Need" is the No. 1 pop single for the second straight week.

* Normally opera isn't a big seller, nor are live albums. But this concert album with some of opera's biggest male stars is breaking all the pop-album chart rules, breaking in at No. 36. It's already passed the 500,000 mark in units sold.


Rank Rank 2 Weeks Title (Label) Last Week Weeks Ago on Chart 1."Mariah Carey" 2 2 36 Mariah Carey (Columbia) 2."To the Extreme" 1 1 24 Vanilla Ice (SBK) 3."The Soul Cages" 3 10 4 Sting (A&M;) 4."Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em" 4 5 52 M.C. Hammer (Capitol) 5."I'm Your Baby Tonight" 5 6 15 Whitney Houston (Arista) *"In Concert" 41 47 22 Carreras-Domingo-Pavarotti (London)

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