Setting the Record Straight on Raveling

I am writing to set the record straight on George Raveling. Leon Chaney's letter of Feb. 23 had the facts all wrong.

Raveling holds the best won-lost record in Washington State's history. He took their obscure program to the NCAA playoffs. While Raveling was an assistant at Villanova, the Wildcats made the Final Four. During his tenure as an assistant at Maryland, the Terrapins won the NIT. And he led the Iowa Hawkeyes to the NCAA playoffs two out of four years.

Why did Kimble, Gathers and Lewis leave USC? That tale is told in the book, "Raw Recruits." You can't summarize the story in a short letter, but if you read that book, you will know that they didn't leave because of George Raveling.


Allentown, Pa.

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