Why Was Griffin Playing Shortstop at All in 1990?

In last Sunday’s (Feb. 24) L.A. Times, it was printed that both Alfredo Griffin and the Dodgers knew his back injury kept him from making routine plays on ground balls--and still they kept him in the lineup game after game.

These actions show a disrespect for the fans, especially when the team was in a pennant race.

Now, Griffin openly admits that after surgery and treatment, if he still has pain he won’t tell anyone because he loves the game and wants to play.

If baseball management will continue to pay million-dollar salaries to pitchers who can’t throw fastballs and infielders who can’t bend over for a ground ball, then I don’t feel sorry for them. Major league baseball and fans deserve better.



Santa Monica

Editor’s note: Bill Plaschke’s story clearly said that the Dodgers were not aware of Griffin’s pain last season.