Tollways Poll Was Flawed

So the public is tired of congestion. Then a well-designed mass transit system along the I-5/I-405 would have likewise scored high marks in your poll.

Why is the public being stampeded into using cars and toll roads? The real issue is that the public is not being given any choice or alternatives to the automobile.

Perhaps you could find out how it is that people have been deluded into thinking there's going to be a solution to traffic congestion because of new roads. This has never happened before.

The Transportation Corridor Agency for the San Joaquin Hills tollway needs to give the environmental process the serious consideration it was intended to have.

Repeatedly glossing over and ignoring people's concerns, lack of in-depth analyses, inadequate studies, sloppy work and railroading through a financially catastrophic project only tells us how little regard and commitment the agency has to solving Orange County's serious transportation problems and totally destroys any credibility it may have had.

KARL JENKS, Laguna Beach

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